District 6
Jane Farthing, President
American Contract Bridge League
Mid-Atlantic Bridge Conference
District 7
Zero Tolerance, D6 policy
District 6 Home
Rae Dethlefsen Grand National Teams         D6 Coordinator: Bill Cole (acting)
Conditions of Contest: District 6 (2019)    ACBL (2018-19)
Frequently Asked Questions   Letter to Club Managers-2019
2019: D6 finals for Flights (Open, B (0-2500), and C (0-500))
  1st weekend: February 16-17 (White Oak Community Center & Charlottesville)

  2nd weekend: March 9-10 (venue TBD)

Flight A (0-6000)
  1st weekend: January 19 - 20 (White Oak Community Center)

  2nd weekend: April 6-7 (Schweinhaut Center)
GNT Club Qualifying Games
12/27/20187:30WBL Unit Game Chris Miller Stratiflighted
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