The Board meetings in San Francisco were shortened by a day, but produced several results. These are highlighted below.


            ACBL Junior Coupons at all NABCs will have a value of $10 per session or the per person price of entry, whichever is less. This value is the discount applied to junior entries for any event at the NABC. Coupon users may be asked for positive proof of age. [nay: 22, 23]


            ACBL Youth Players, members who have not yet reached their 16th birthday, will be granted free plays for each session of regionally rated events at all NABCs. Players may be asked to provide proof of age at the time of the entry purchase. These players will pay regularly posted entry fees less applicable coupons, for all nationally rated events. [nay: 3]


            Readmission procedures for expelled members are expanded to include: (1) under no circumstances will the ACBL Board of Directors hear a request for readmission in regards to a second expulsion or resignation to avoid disciplinary action;  (2) requests for readmission shall be made no more frequently than every three years. [nay: 4, 24; abstain: 9]


            The Masterpoint changes (Second Reading) were approved. [nay: 4, 7] Detail follows:

 NABC Events

   1.   Overall Masterpoints will be awarded to all pairs that qualify for the finals of the 6 session NABC pair events (LM Pairs, Blue Ribbon Pairs).

2.   Match awards for the Vanderbilt/Spingold are increased to 6 masterpoints.

3.   Presently one of the limiters on overall awards is that a maximum of 35% of the field can receive overall awards.  The depth of field for four-session pair events at NABCs is changed to 25%.

Pair/Team (non-KO) Events

The decay formula used to determine overall awards below fourth place for two session pair/team events is changed to the formula presently in use for events of 3 or more sessions, which is:

        Award = First Place Award x # of Sessions          .                

                       (Overall Position +2 x # of Sessions -3)


     1.  The Super Club Championship, District-Wide Charity Game and 49’er Pairs are eliminated.  All Unit games, including Unit-Wide Championship and Unit Extended Team Games, are replaced with one class of Unit Championships. The number of games is increased from 16 to 24 with a fee of $1.25/table. All Unit or District Charity Games are  replaced with one class of Fund or Foundation games. There will be a maximum of 4/year per Unit and 4/year per District. The fee structure will be the same as special Fund or Foundation games at clubs.  These changes are effective January 1, 2009.

     2.  The Swiss match awards are increased to .015/board at club rated events and .02/board at club championship rated events.

     3.  The maximum allowable overall award at an open club rating point, or an internet club game is increased to 2.50 at 0.10 per table.  The maximum for invitational and lower games is increased by the same percentage. Section awards will still be limited to 1.50 for an open rating point game.   Overall awards are allowed for all games of 16 or more tables.

     4.  A cap to all special fund/foundation games is 6.0 masterpoints.

Swiss Teams

Match awards for Swiss Teams will be increased by 20% in Flight A (and X) Stratiflighted events (0.36 to 0.44 for Regionals; 0.26 to 0.32 for Sectionals).



     A. First Overall = Basic Award x K x L x P           

         K = R/14      (1.00 for Regionals)

L is based on the number of Boards in a match (0.50 for 12; 1.00 for 24 – 47; 1.50 for 48 – 64). 

     Basic Award = Computed Award (calculated from the table below) x Reduction Factor

     For brackets with 12 - 16 teams, Reduction Factor = 1.00

     For brackets with 9 - 11 teams, Reduction Factor = 0.85**

     For 3 session KOs, Reduction Factor = 0.70.   

** The resulting (reduced) award must be at least 105% of the award for the next lower bracket.

Bracket Team Average

Masterpoints (AVG MP)

                                                   Computed Award 



     < 500



    500 -   1000

6 + 5 (AVG MP – 500) / 500


  1000 -   5000

11 + 11 (AVG MP - 1000) / 4000

Fixed Award = 11 at 1000

  5000 – 10000

22 + 7 (AVG MP -5000) / 5000

Fixed Award = 22 at 5000

10000 – 25000

29 + 19 (AVG MP -10000) / 15000

Fixed Award = 29 at 10000

25000 – 35000

48 + 17 (AVG MP -25000) / 10000

Fixed Award = 48 at 25000

35000 +



            Avg MP Per Team =  4 x Team Masterpoints / # of Players on Team    (Maximum per team = 40,000)

            AVG MP (Bracket) = Ó Avg MP Per Team  / Number of Teams in Bracket 

   B. Overall Awards below First Place



5 + Rounds

4 Rounds

3 Rounds





























  9 -16




            Note: To qualify for overall awards, a team must advance through at least two rounds.

   C.  Match Awards

            Match Award = 7.50% x First Overall

            Minimum = 0.75 x K x L; Maximum = 3.00 x K x L).  

   D. Compact KOs

        The above formulas also apply to Compact KOs, except for the following: 

             The L Factor is normally 0.50.

              The Minimum First Overall Award is 8.00 x K x  L

For Compact KO Consolations, the Reduction Factor = 0.40 recognizing that the event is not a Championship Event and that there are generally 50% fewer teams).

        The Minimum First Overall award is 3.30 x K x L. (40% of the Compact KO award).


            Club Appreciation games held during October, club appreciation month, are limited to  one 100% Sectional black-point game per sanctioned session (previously up to three could be held).


            The ACBL Honorary Member of the Year policy is amended. The award is given to:

            1. A person who is known widely throughout the membership of the ACBL.

2. A person who has given freely of time and ability, without thought of reward, and in the interest and welfare of the League as a whole as opposed to a segment of the League's operations.

      3. A person who is not an incumbent member of the ACBL Board of Directors.

The benefits to selected members are: (1) free entries to NABCs for one year; (2) Bulletin article and picture on the Bulletin cover; and (3) a letter of congratulations from the ACBL Board of Directors signed by the ACBL President. [nay: 1, 5, 7, 8, 17, 18, 19, 22]


            Presentation of the President’s Volunteer Member of the Year award will be made to the recipient(s) at the Summer Goodwill meeting that follows.


            The Operating budget for 2008 is approved. [nay: 3, 6, 9, 14, 24, 25; abstain: 20]  The Capital budget for 2008 is approved.


            Management and the ACBL Finance Committee will establish a method for signing up new Canadian ACBL members that reflects current exchange rates. Effective as soon as possible but no later than April 1, 2008.


            Free Play Policy for Board of Directors at NABCs is revised to exclude the first day of the NABC (usually Thursday) when proceeds from the games are designated for the International Fund and/or Educational Foundation. [nay: 1, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 17, 21, 22, 23, 25]


            Board Member Reimbursement is increased from $750 three times per year to $1000.  This is to reflect travel to District and Unit events, telephone expenses, mailings and miscellaneous office expenses connected with the office of District Director and Chairman of the Board of Governors. [nay: 2, 4, 5, 8, 14, 19, 24; abstain: 12, 20]  Spouse/companion airfare paid by ACBL for one Board of Directors meeting annually is rescinded. [nay: 3, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 16, 18, 21, 22, 23]  The current policy of reimbursing attendees for no-charge airline tickets or complimentary rooms is discontinued. [nay: 4, 9, 18, 22, 23, 24]

            Any member of the Laws Commission, Hall of Fame or Competitions and Conventions Committee that has an unexcused absence as determined by the Committee Chairman for three consecutive meetings will be considered as resigned and the President will appoint someone to finish out the remaining term.


            The Code of Disciplinary Regulations now requires that when a witness' testimony is critical to a hearing, the witness is required to appear or provide a signed statement.  Failure to appear at the hearing in person, by telephone or to provide a signed written or electronic statement shall be grounds for discipline, unless reasonable cause is provided to the committee chairman. "Reasonable cause" will be liberally construed.


            The NAOP Formula for Extra Pairs is changed.  The number of members used in the formula is equivalent to the number of members in that District eligible to participate in that level of the event. The extra pairs will be based on the percentage of participation, at the club level, within each Flight. [abstain: 15, 20]


            A Committee will be appointed to study the requirements for becoming a Life Master and other rank changes. [nay: 1, 24]


            English is the international language of bridge and is reflected in the General Conditions of Contest.


            The NAP Conditions of Contest is revised so that if a District does not require unit qualifying games, units within that District may still hold non-qualifying unit finals at their local discretion. The requirement that a unit final may not conflict with an NABC is rescinded. [abstain: 15]


            An Executive Committee operations policy statement was adopted. [abstain: 14]