District 6
Jane Farthing, President
American Contract Bridge League
Mid-Atlantic Bridge Conference
District 7
Zero Tolerance, D6 policy
Articles by Steve Robinson
These articles originally appeared in the District 6 newsletter Table Talk.
Dec/Jan 2014/15Preempting Style
Oct/Nov 2014Responses and Rebids in a Walsh or non-Walsh Style
Jul/Aug 20141 Followed by 3
Aug/Sep 2013When do you rebid a 5-card spade suit after one-of-a-minor by partner, 1 by you, 1NT by partner?
Jun/Jul 2013Bidding 2 over 1
Feb/Mar 2013Bidding over 4 Preempt
Dec/Jan 2012/13Preempts with Fits
Jun/Jul 2012Doubles after 2
Apr/May 2012Unusual NT Holding the Minors
Dec/Jan 2011What Do You Open Holding Six Diamonds & Five Hearts?
Jun/Jul 2011Forcing Bids after a Takeout Double
Apr/May 2011Responses to Strong 2 Opening Bid
Feb/Mar 20114NT - Ace Asking, Quantitative, or Take-Out
Dec/Jan 2010-11Three-card Limit Raises that Promise Four-Card Support
Oct/Nov 2010Doubles after Interference to your 1NT Opening Bid
Aug/Sep 2010Raising NT
Jun/Jul 2010Game Tries
Apr/May 2010Rebid of Major Showing 6-Card Suit
Feb/Mar 2010Opening 1NT with Off-Shape Hands and/or Suits with No Stoppers
Dec/Jan 2009-10Opening Bids in 3rd or 4th Chair
Oct/Nov 2009One-Suited Negative Doubles
Aug/Sep 2009What Makes a 1-Level Takeout Double?
Jun/Jul 2009What's a Forcing Pass?
Apr/May 2009Lead Directing Doubles
Feb/Mar 2009When Should you Double a Weak NT?
Dec/Jan 2008/9Double of a Weak NT
Oct/Nov 20081 Pass 2
Aug/Sep 2008Trying to make a slam less trying
Jun/Jul 2008When should you use the Unusual NT or Michaels
Apr/May 2008Bergen Raises
Feb/Mar 2008Bypass 1
Dec/Jan 2007/8Balancing
Oct/Nov 2007Overcalling 5-card Suits at 2 Level
Aug/Sep 2007Huddle
Jul/Aug 2007Bidding Over 4 Doubled
Apr/May 2007Redoubles
Feb/Mar 2007To the Rescue?
Dec/Jan 2006A Game of Odds
Oct/Nov 2006Reopening Doubles
Aug/Sep 2006What’s needed to bid a game after a limit raise?
Jun/Jul 2006Which forcing raise with a singleton do you choose?
Apr/May 2006Playing with Underbidders and Overbidders
Feb/Mar 2006Rebid After One-of-a-Minor Opener
Dec/Jan 2005Six Spades - Four Hearts
Oct/Nov 2005Bidding (or Competing) over 1NT Opening Bids
Aug/Sep 2005Advice on playing against better teams
Jun/Jul 2005Preempts
Apr/May 2005Inviting Over 1-P-2-P
Feb/Mar 2005Bad Conventions
Dec/Jan 2004What makes an odds on invite
Oct/Nov 2004When to overcall a four-card suit
Aug/Sep 2004Swiss Team Strategy
Jun/Jul 2004Lead Against 4 Contracts
Apr/May 2004Balancing Over 1/1 Opening Bids
Feb/Mar 2004Bidding Over Five Clubs Doubled
Dec/Jan 2003Choosing between 3NT and Four-of-a-major
Oct/Nov 2003Double of Four Spades
Aug/Sep 2003Four-Four in Majors after Partner Opens 1NT (15-17)
Jun/Jul 2003Accepting Invitations
Apr/May 2003Competing to 3 Spades
Feb/Mar 2003Raising NT
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