District 6
Shawn Stringer, President
American Contract Bridge League
Mid-Atlantic Bridge Conference
District 7
Zero Tolerance, D6 policy
North American Pairs - 2016-17             D6 Coordinator: Sylvia Shi (289.788.0385)
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Conditions of Contest 2016-17:    ACBL      District 6 2017 NAP Finals will be in Kansas City, Missouri
2016/17 Results
Flight A:
Sunday: A-1st Final     A-2nd Final   (Recaps)            Saturday: A - 1st Q    A - 2nd Q
Flight B:
Sunday: North: B-1st Final    B-2nd Final          North: B-1st Qual    B-2nd Qual
              South: B-1st Final    B-2nd Final               South: B-1st Qual    B-2nd Qual
Flight C:
Sunday: North: C-1st Final    C-2nd Final          South: C-1st Final    C-2nd Final
Hand Records: Saturday: 1st Qual    2nd Qual   
Sunday Flight A: 1st Final    2nd Final   
Sunday Flights B&C: 1st Final    2nd Final   
    Flight A (Trip winners)
1. Nobel Shore, Michael Gill
2. Eugene Kales, Richard Ferrin
3. Daniel Korbel, Sylvia Shi
    Flight B (Trip winners)
1. Adam Gann, Zachary Madden (1st North)
2. Michael Kelley, Leah Shao (1st South)
3. Thomas Peters, Robert Rovner (2nd North)
4. Albert Lauber, James Beller (Next highest %)
5. Bruce Roberts, James Key
    Flight C (Trip winners)
1. Philip Sticha, Randall Stephens (1st North)
2. Michael Haddox, Schatz, William Vandyke (1st South)
3. Anne Weismann, Karen Sandler (3rd overall North)
4. Jack Spooner, Donnie Walsh (2nd South)
Previous NAP Results
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