District 6
Shawn Stringer, President
American Contract Bridge League
Mid-Atlantic Bridge Conference
District 7
Zero Tolerance, D6 policy
Rae Dethlefsen Grand National Teams         D6 Coordinator: Bill Cole (acting)
2016-17 club qualifying is now in progress for Flights Open, B, and C:
** Club qualification is required to play in the D6 Finals **
Conditions of Contest: District 6 (2017)    ACBL (2016-17)
Frequently Asked Questions   Letter to Club Managers
Finals: 1st weekend:
Flights Open, 0-2500; and 0-500: Mar 4-5 at White Oak Community Center
Flight 0-6000: Jan 28-29 at Meadowbrook Park
Previous GNT Results (old formats prior to 2015 )
2017 Results
Flight A:
Flight B:
Flight C:
Flight 0-6000 Flight Open Flight B Flight C
Rosters and 1st day recapRostersRostersRosters
Day 1 Leagues
HR: RR 1st   RR 2nd
KO BracketKO Bracket
B Leagues North
B League South
HR: Morning   Afternoon

C League North
C League South
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